STOOL SOFTENER (Docusate Sodium 100mg) 400 Softgels Kirkland.

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BDT 6000

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    Product Nam: Stool Softener

    Manufacturer: Kirkland Signature USA

    Each Bottle contains: 400 softgel


    • Relieves Occasional Constipation

    • Prevents hard, dry stools

    • Remove piles fistula

    The human body is so remarkable that daily wonders are easily taken for granted…until problems occur. One common problem is irregularity or constipation. Occasional irregularity and constipation may be treated safely, gently and effectively through the use of a stool softener.

    Some possible symptoms of constipation may include:

    • Infrequent bowel movements

    • Irregular bowel movements

    • Incomplete bowel movements

    • Pain or straining during bowel movements

    • Hard, dry stools

    • Excessive gas or bloating

    Some common cause of constipation include:

    • Low fibre diet and dehydration

    • Waiting too long or ignoring urge to have a bowel movement

    • Lack of physical activity

    • Eating and drinking too many dairy products

    • Changes in life or routine caused by pregnancy, aging, travel

    • General illnesses and various medications may also be associated with constipation.

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