Blackmores Calcium 600mg + Vitamin D3

By Blackmores Australia
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    Blackmores Calcium 600mg + Vitamin D3


    Blackmores Cal+D3 is a high dose calcium supplement providing 600mg of elemental calcium with 500IU of vitamin D3 in each easy-to-swallow tablet.

    Vitamin D3 works to support bone mineral density and helps with the absorption of calcium.

    Blackmores Cal+D3 may help with maintain healthy bones and muscles and maintain bone density.

    Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, and approximately 99% of the body’s calcium exists in the bones.

    The major function of calcium is building and maintaining bones and teeth. Calcium is also involved in various metabolic roles.

    Vitamin D is essential for the absorption and utilization of calcium.

    Deficiency of vitamin D results in lack of bone strength and density, and joint pain. Women’s calcium requirements are increased after menopause as levels of oestrogen decline resulting in decreased calcium absorption.

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